Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Nighttime Daydreams Show 15

1 - Machine voice in English and Spanish, rain, blue jays, cars

2 - Dvojacka, futujara, voice

3 - NH's voice reading Raymond Soulard - Many Musics - Creature Carnival

4 - Jars

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Nighttime Daydreams Show 14

This is the tracklist for my fourteenth show on Spirit Plants Radio -- http://www.spiritplantsradio.com/,

Leia Friedman - Same Same Shackles, But Different Martina Newberry - Two Poems Judih Haggai - Haiku Tamara Miles - Same Moon Shining (Excerpts) Tamara Miles - Two Poems Adrienne Rich - Diving into the Wreck Colin James - Three Poems Gregory Kelly - I am, I want, I have yet (Fragments) Nathan D. Horowitz - The Feathered Sea Ace Boggess - Two Poems

Thursday, October 12, 2017

DJ Toanke, Nighttime Daydreams, Show 13 on spiritplantsradio.com playlist:

Readings of the following by the DJ, all from The Cenacle, Number 100, June 2017

1. Patrick Gene Frank, three haiku.
2. Raymond Soulard, Jr., excerpt from "Through the Door in the Wall: 20 Years of Tripping."
3. Tamara Miles, "How to Draw the Earth," "Not the Pilot, but a Drone," and "Unnatural."
4. Jimmy Heffernan, excerpt from "The Noosphere as Collective Consciousness on Earth."
5. Colin James, "Obtuse Traditionalism" and "Unnatural Obsessions and Their Correct Pronunciations."
6. David Hartley, excerpt from "LSD & State Power."
7. Judih Haggai, three haiku
8. Algernon Beagle, excerpt from "The Grand Scheme of Liberation."
9. Tom Sheehan, "Photos at Low Tide" and "Clambering."
10. Ace Boggess, "Prison View," "The Prisoner's Gospel," "Freedom."
11. Charlie Beyer, excerpt from "Prostate Panic."
12. Raymond Soulard, Jr., excerpt from "Through the Door in the Wall: 20 Years of Tripping."

Thursday, June 08, 2017

This is the tracklist for my twelfth DJ Toanke / Nighttime Daydreams show on Spirit Plants Radio -- http://www.spiritplantsradio.com/,

Several years ago, the compulsion to try to make music got hold of me -- first as a complement to my writing, and then as a thing in itself. In the evening, music unplugs me from my work and frees my mind.

The sounds in this show include voice, flutes, mouth harps, a synthesizer, a percussion instrument made of four old iron horseshoes, CNN, and computer voices generated by Google Translate.

1.nathandowdhorowitz - Double-Flute Melody
2. nathandowdhorowitz - Adaggio Andino
3. nathandowdhorowitz - Streets of Laredo / Kubing (Bamboo / Mouth Harp)
4. nathandowdhorowitz - Kubing Tune
5. nathandowdhorowitz - Cat Tongue
6. nathandowdhorowitz - Kouxian-Helicopter Duet (Ended by Firecrackers)
7. nathandowdhorowitz - No Items Match Your Search
8. nathandowdhorowitz - Frogsong
9. nathandowdhorowitz - A Longtime Supporter
10. nathandowdhorowitz - On the 105th Birthday of Kim Il-Sung
11. nathandowdhorowitz - 21st Century Warfare Man
12. nathandowdhorowitz - Kalyuka
13. nathandowdhorowitz - Walking Man
14. nathandowdhorowitz - Kouxian Chill
15. nathandowdhorowitz - Preliminary Flutings
16. nathandowdhorowitz - The Four Horseshoes of the Nopocalypse
17. nathandowdhorowitz - April, Fool's Algorithm (feat. Sam Ross)
18. nathandowdhorowitz - Dean Aß Mein Abendessen
19. nathandowdhorowitz - Dean Ate My Dinner
20. nathandowdhorowitz - Dada Song
21. nathandowdhorowitz - Out of the Forest (Spoken Word Only)
22. nathandowdhorowitz - CNN Remix (feat. Trump, Assange, the Russians, and the FBI) (in stereo)
23. nathandowdhorowitz - Glazzy Star
24. nathandowdhorowitz - Bass Dan Moi 5/16/2017
25. nathandowdhorowitz - We're Not Out of the Forest yet
26. nathandowdhorowitz - Mutatis Mutandis: Icht (feat. Christian Loidl)

Monday, September 05, 2016

Nighttime Daydreams Show 11 playlist

A bit of the old music and a bit of the old spoken word.

1. Imaginary Chains - Benevolent Storm
2. Imaginary Chains - Green and Blue
3. Imaginary Chains - Music for a Whale Slide Show
4. Imaginary Chains - Prelude No 6
5. Imaginary Chains - Track 15 (1/23/2010)
6. Imaginary Chains - Track 5 (1/23/2010)
7. Imaginary Chains - Broken Strings
8. Imaginary Chains - Track 7 (1/23/2010)
9. Imaginary Chains - The Abstract Spirit
10. Imaginary Chains - Track 9 (1/23/2010)
11. Imaginary Chains - Track 14 (1/23/2010)
12. Imaginary Chains - Track 4 (1/23/2010)
Music above mixed with Labyrinthine [a new fixtion],
Part 10, sections xxiv-xxvii & xxxii-lxv
by Raymond Soulard, Jr.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Nighttime Daydreams Show Ten

This is the tracklist for my tenth show on Spirit Plants Radio -- http://www.spiritplantsradio.com/,

A huge thanks to Ray Soulard for taking the individual tracks I had made and putting them together into a show.

1. Please Go Ahead – sound collage with vocals by Ka and dan moi Vietnamese mouth harp by me
2. Being Danced – sound collage with vocals by my butoh group and me, plus extra sounds by GarageBand
3. Eva’s Dream – a dream, in German, about being in a forest whose trees could hop backwards to avoid being cut down
4. Die Sonne Wird Scheinen – butoh group sound collage – the sun will shine
5. Writing Butoh – a poem written in London Heathrow while I was missing a flight back to Vienna
6. Poetry is not an accident – a reverbed interview with Punjabi poet Shiv Kumar Batalvi, from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQjV827Utk4
7. AEIOU – voice collage -- AEIOU = Austriae est imperare orbi universo ("It is Austria's destiny to rule the whole world")
8. Fishing in the Earth – quotations from Walter Benjamin’s hashish experiments with me whistling Ode to Joy
9. Saturday and Sunday – poem with effects
10. The Fifth World – sound collage of field recordings by Félix Blume
11. Aeolus – sound collage of field recordings by Félix Blume
12. 4th of July – sound collage based on a 1987 text of mine written about a yacht trip in Washington State
13. Two Artists – instrumental by Will Isbey on a cigar box guitar by Max Jones / Suspect Devices
14. Genesis One read by Ann Delusion – biblical text (King James version) spoken by Google Translate, a female voice deepened ten percent so it sounds (to me, anyway) like a gay man
15. It would be killer – sound collage of a Facebook post of someone wishing it were possible to have one's Facebook posts spoken in Lou Reed's voice
16. Like That – instrumental by Will Isbey on a cigar box guitar by Max Jones / Suspect Devices with comments by me
17. Žarko's post – sound collage of a Facebook post by Žarko Almuli
18. Annual General Meeting of Coyote Interdimensional – a business poem for four voices, with Kat, Sir Real Eyes, Ka, and me
19. Indra's Net – sound collage with an image from Hindu mythology
20. Lull – chapter about slow days in the jungle from my manuscript, Nighttime Daydreams
21. Icht – text by Viennese poet Christian Loidl, read by me, with music by Res Kaufmann / Strato Zoo
22. Long Panning Echoes – digitally altered mouth harp recorded in Beaufort, North Carolina, in 2014
23. Sloropendola – oropendola bird songs slowed by half to hear clearly their startling  mix of screeches and bloops -- dinosaurs might have sounded like this
24. Little Purse – my reading of poetry by Ray Soulard, from The Cenacle, http://www.scriptorpress.com/cenacle/95_december_2015.pdf

Friday, September 25, 2015

Nighttime Daydreams Show Nine

In this episode I read the first six chapters of my memoir manuscript, interspersed with a little music on nose flute, musical bow, and kouxian.

Trigger warning: sex, drugs, mental illness, and mysticism.

1. Nose flute instrumental, with sound engineering by Stuart Conaghan
2. Intro
3. Musical bow instrumental
4. Chapter One: Portrait of the artist as a mad teen
5. Musical bow instrumental
6. Chapter Two: Soul-vine
7. Musical bow instrumental
8. Chapter Three: Anything out of the ordinary
9. Kouxian instrumental
10. Chapter Four: Mother and son
11. Kouxian instrumental
12. Chapter Five: The talking cure
13. Kouxian instrumental
14. Chapter Six: Nezahualcoyotl’s speech on mysticism
15. Kouxian instrumental
16. Dan moi instrumental