Nighttime Daydreams Show 20

1 Alone in Cabana Supernatura -- a chapter from my unpublished manuscript Beyond Wahuya 2 Sphinx Wolf Cactus Tree of Life -- a chapter from my unpublished manuscript Beyond Wahuya 3 Poetry is Not an Accident -- A clip from an interview with a poet in Urdu with added echo effects. That makes it sound worse than it is. It's quite beautiful.  These tracks have been sound-engineered by my good friend Raymond Soulard. !

Nighttime Daydreams Show 19

 DJ Toanké Reads from Cenacle 112 | Summer 2020:  1. Timothy Vilgiate - Poetry  2. Raymond Soulard, Jr. - What is Bags End? Part 3 (excerpts)  3. Algernon Beagle - What is the Red Bag? Part 1 (excerpts)  4. Sam Knot - Poetry  5. Tamara Miles - Church in the Greenhouse (excerpts)  6. John Echem - Poetry  7. Jimmy Heffernan - Notes on UFOs  8. Raymond Soulard, Jr. - Many Musics  9. Tom Sheehan - Poetry  10. Martina Newberry - Poetry  11. Judih Haggai - Poetry  12. Ace Boggess - Poetry  This issue can be found at:

Nighttime Daydreams Show 18

  For your listening-to-literature pleasure. This show was mixed by Raymond Soulard Jr. It's me reading Lewis Caroll's poem "The Hunting of the Snark" with some music in the background -- mostly my sound collages but also guitar by Will Isbey. Enjoy.

Nighttime Daydreams Show 17

For your listening-to-literature pleasure. This show was mixed by Raymond Soulard Jr.  In the background, music by DJ Fetch: 43rd and South, Ayahuasca, Gun, LonelySand, Science, Simple Butterscotch Kiss, Swivel, Timbre.  On top of the music, readings by DJ Toanke: selections from The Cenacle 111: Poetry and prose by Judih Haggai, Ace Boggess, Martina Newberry, John Echem, Colin James, Joe Ciccone, Raymond Soulard Jr, Tamara Miles, Charlie Beyer, and Timothy Vilgiate, then three Dream Raps by Raymond Soulard Jr.  Check out  Spirit Plants Radio  and  DJ Toanke's shows .

Telepathy and Other Impressions

A short story by Ecuadorian writer Abdón Ubidia, translated by Nathan D. Horowitz, published in Michigan Quarterly Review, Summer 2000 I had a girlfriend when I was a kid. Her name was Susi. She was skinny and had freckles. I won her over with the only skill I had: imitating animals. It was during summer vacation in a dry little town. Calling Susi my girlfriend is just a manner of speaking. Neither of us knew anything. She and I were just always together. Sometimes we were by ourselves. Sometimes we joined the gangs of kids that roamed the white sand paths, the streams with their banks of red clay, and the eucalyptus woods, or got together in the morning to go down to the swimming pool, or in the night to sing around a bonfire, catch fireflies and gaze at the starry sky. There was a boy who played the accordion. Another recited poetry. Another was famous for his traps to catch three different species of doves. Another boy swam like a fish. I couldn’t do any of these things. W

The Old Yage Drinker’s Visions

Miguel Angel Cabodevilla Miguel Angel Cabodevilla is a Capuchin priest, born in Spain, who spent thirteen years in the rainforest working in education and on the preservation of native cultures. Fernando Payaguaje, the drinker of this narrative’s title, was the last of the shaman-chiefs of the Ecuadorian branch of the Secoya tribe,  now known as Siekopai. T his story is from Cabodevilla’s 1998 nonfiction book Oro Creciente. The translation into English, by Nathan Horowitz, appeared  in  Shaman’s Drum Magazine in Autumn, 2003. I knew I would never see him again, alive or dead. He had yielded me his hammock, with the exquisite courtesy that always characterized him. With a silence so close to grief, I observed all his movements, trying to make of them a photo album in my mind, trying to win over death the illusory victory of memory. The cavernous cough that sounded in his chest was like termites hollowing him out inside. He shuffled across the dirt floor of his hut and let h

Nighttime Daydreams Show 16 DJ Toanké - Coyote Dvojacka Martina Newberry - Poetry DJ Toanké - Coyote Song 2 Colin James - Poetry DJ Toanké - Meandering Martina Newberry - Poetry DJ Toanké - Medley DJ Toanké - Mochi Roque Dalton - Poetry Martina Newberry - Poetry DJ Toanké - The Tides of the Sun Martina Newberry - Poetry DJ Toanké - Underground Star