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Nighttime Daydreams Show Ten

This is the tracklist for my tenth show on Spirit Plants Radio --, A huge thanks to Ray Soulard for taking the individual tracks I had made and putting them together into a show. 1. Please Go Ahead – sound collage with vocals by Ka and dan moi Vietnamese mouth harp by me 2. Being Danced – sound collage with vocals by my butoh group and me, plus extra sounds by GarageBand 3. Eva’s Dream – a dream, in German, about being in a forest whose trees could hop backwards to avoid being cut down 4. Die Sonne Wird Scheinen – butoh group sound collage – the sun will shine 5. Writing Butoh – a poem written in London Heathrow while I was missing a flight back to Vienna 6. Poetry is not an accident – a reverbed interview with Punjabi poet Shiv Kumar Batalvi, from 7. AEIOU – voice collage -- AEIOU = Austriae est imperare orbi universo ("It is Austr