Nighttime Daydreams Show Ten

This is the tracklist for my tenth show on Spirit Plants Radio --,

A huge thanks to Ray Soulard for taking the individual tracks I had made and putting them together into a show.

1. Please Go Ahead – sound collage with vocals by Ka and dan moi Vietnamese mouth harp by me
2. Being Danced – sound collage with vocals by my butoh group and me, plus extra sounds by GarageBand
3. Eva’s Dream – a dream, in German, about being in a forest whose trees could hop backwards to avoid being cut down
4. Die Sonne Wird Scheinen – butoh group sound collage – the sun will shine
5. Writing Butoh – a poem written in London Heathrow while I was missing a flight back to Vienna
6. Poetry is not an accident – a reverbed interview with Punjabi poet Shiv Kumar Batalvi, from
7. AEIOU – voice collage -- AEIOU = Austriae est imperare orbi universo ("It is Austria's destiny to rule the whole world")
8. Fishing in the Earth – quotations from Walter Benjamin’s hashish experiments with me whistling Ode to Joy
9. Saturday and Sunday – poem with effects
10. The Fifth World – sound collage of field recordings by Félix Blume
11. Aeolus – sound collage of field recordings by Félix Blume
12. 4th of July – sound collage based on a 1987 text of mine written about a yacht trip in Washington State
13. Two Artists – instrumental by Will Isbey on a cigar box guitar by Max Jones / Suspect Devices
14. Genesis One read by Ann Delusion – biblical text (King James version) spoken by Google Translate, a female voice deepened ten percent so it sounds (to me, anyway) like a gay man
15. It would be killer – sound collage of a Facebook post of someone wishing it were possible to have one's Facebook posts spoken in Lou Reed's voice
16. Like That – instrumental by Will Isbey on a cigar box guitar by Max Jones / Suspect Devices with comments by me
17. Žarko's post – sound collage of a Facebook post by Žarko Almuli
18. Annual General Meeting of Coyote Interdimensional – a business poem for four voices, with Kat, Sir Real Eyes, Ka, and me
19. Indra's Net – sound collage with an image from Hindu mythology
20. Lull – chapter about slow days in the jungle from my manuscript, Nighttime Daydreams
21. Icht – text by Viennese poet Christian Loidl, read by me, with music by Res Kaufmann / Strato Zoo
22. Long Panning Echoes – digitally altered mouth harp recorded in Beaufort, North Carolina, in 2014
23. Sloropendola – oropendola bird songs slowed by half to hear clearly their startling  mix of screeches and bloops -- dinosaurs might have sounded like this
24. Little Purse – my reading of poetry by Ray Soulard, from The Cenacle,


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