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DJ Toanke, Nighttime Daydreams, Show 13 on playlist: Readings of the following by the DJ, all from The Cenacle, Number 100, June 2017 1. Patrick Gene Frank, three haiku. 2. Raymond Soulard, Jr., excerpt from "Through the Door in the Wall: 20 Years of Tripping." 3. Tamara Miles, "How to Draw the Earth," "Not the Pilot, but a Drone," and "Unnatural." 4. Jimmy Heffernan, excerpt from "The Noosphere as Collective Consciousness on Earth." 5. Colin James, "Obtuse Traditionalism" and "Unnatural Obsessions and Their Correct Pronunciations." 6. David Hartley, excerpt from "LSD & State Power." 7. Judih Haggai, three haiku 8. Algernon Beagle, excerpt from "The Grand Scheme of Liberation." 9. Tom Sheehan, "Photos at Low Tide" and "Clambering." 10. Ace Boggess, "Prison View," "The Prisoner's Gospel," "Freedom." 11. Ch