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This is the tracklist for my twelfth DJ Toanke / Nighttime Daydreams show on Spirit Plants Radio --, Several years ago, the compulsion to try to make music got hold of me -- first as a complement to my writing, and then as a thing in itself. In the evening, music unplugs me from my work and frees my mind. The sounds in this show include voice, flutes, mouth harps, a synthesizer, a percussion instrument made of four old iron horseshoes, CNN, and computer voices generated by Google Translate. 1.nathandowdhorowitz - Double-Flute Melody 2. nathandowdhorowitz - Adaggio Andino 3. nathandowdhorowitz - Streets of Laredo / Kubing (Bamboo / Mouth Harp) 4. nathandowdhorowitz - Kubing Tune 5. nathandowdhorowitz - Cat Tongue 6. nathandowdhorowitz - Kouxian-Helicopter Duet (Ended by Firecrackers) 7. nathandowdhorowitz - No Items Match Your Search 8. nathandowdhorowitz - Frogsong 9. nathando