This is the tracklist for my twelfth DJ Toanke / Nighttime Daydreams show on Spirit Plants Radio --,

Several years ago, the compulsion to try to make music got hold of me -- first as a complement to my writing, and then as a thing in itself. In the evening, music unplugs me from my work and frees my mind.

The sounds in this show include voice, flutes, mouth harps, a synthesizer, a percussion instrument made of four old iron horseshoes, CNN, and computer voices generated by Google Translate.

1.nathandowdhorowitz - Double-Flute Melody
2. nathandowdhorowitz - Adaggio Andino
3. nathandowdhorowitz - Streets of Laredo / Kubing (Bamboo / Mouth Harp)
4. nathandowdhorowitz - Kubing Tune
5. nathandowdhorowitz - Cat Tongue
6. nathandowdhorowitz - Kouxian-Helicopter Duet (Ended by Firecrackers)
7. nathandowdhorowitz - No Items Match Your Search
8. nathandowdhorowitz - Frogsong
9. nathandowdhorowitz - A Longtime Supporter
10. nathandowdhorowitz - On the 105th Birthday of Kim Il-Sung
11. nathandowdhorowitz - 21st Century Warfare Man
12. nathandowdhorowitz - Kalyuka
13. nathandowdhorowitz - Walking Man
14. nathandowdhorowitz - Kouxian Chill
15. nathandowdhorowitz - Preliminary Flutings
16. nathandowdhorowitz - The Four Horseshoes of the Nopocalypse
17. nathandowdhorowitz - April, Fool's Algorithm (feat. Sam Ross)
18. nathandowdhorowitz - Dean Aß Mein Abendessen
19. nathandowdhorowitz - Dean Ate My Dinner
20. nathandowdhorowitz - Dada Song
21. nathandowdhorowitz - Out of the Forest (Spoken Word Only)
22. nathandowdhorowitz - CNN Remix (feat. Trump, Assange, the Russians, and the FBI) (in stereo)
23. nathandowdhorowitz - Glazzy Star
24. nathandowdhorowitz - Bass Dan Moi 5/16/2017
25. nathandowdhorowitz - We're Not Out of the Forest yet
26. nathandowdhorowitz - Mutatis Mutandis: Icht (feat. Christian Loidl)


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