Nighttime Daydreams Show Nine

In this episode I read the first six chapters of my memoir manuscript, interspersed with a little music on nose flute, musical bow, and kouxian.

Trigger warning: sex, drugs, mental illness, and mysticism.

1. Nose flute instrumental, with sound engineering by Stuart Conaghan
2. Intro
3. Musical bow instrumental
4. Chapter One: Portrait of the artist as a mad teen
5. Musical bow instrumental
6. Chapter Two: Soul-vine
7. Musical bow instrumental
8. Chapter Three: Anything out of the ordinary
9. Kouxian instrumental
10. Chapter Four: Mother and son
11. Kouxian instrumental
12. Chapter Five: The talking cure
13. Kouxian instrumental
14. Chapter Six: Nezahualcoyotl’s speech on mysticism
15. Kouxian instrumental
16. Dan moi instrumental


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