Checking in with Neal

Dream Jan 14, 2008

It's hard to remember some dreams because the events in them, while perfectly logical at the time they take place, seem completely odd and impossible when recollected later. This dream began with some events that have now evaporated, but the first thing I remember clearly was that Neal Cassidy had eaten some hallucinogenic mushrooms and was therefore able to see me and some other man to whom I was explaining On The Road. Because I was dreaming and Neal was tripping, we were able to see one another. We were all on a small island in a river. Neal wasn't saying much, but was friendly, smiling. I was telling the third man that On The Road was an incredibly important and groundbreaking book because through it, you could have actual contact with the souls of the characters.


Marly Youmans said…
I see you were quite capable of committing paisley!

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