Nighttime Daydreams fourth show

1. Machine word: my poem notes recorded using Google Translate, accompanied by the sound of myself typing.
2. Music: Third Ear Band, "Ghetto Raga", from the album "Alchemy" (1969).
3. Short film soundtrack: Arzak Rhapsody Episode 2: L’Ombre du Matin (French language), by Mœbius
4. Television interview with Punjabi poet Shiv Kumar Batalvi, early 1970s.
5. Field recording, Félix Blume, a car is announcing the circus in the small town of Slavutich (close to Chernobyl).
6. Field recording, Félix Blume, Argentina, Tierra del Fuego - In a farm close to Ushuaia, during the Patagonian Rodeo. Once a year, the farmers go in line through the fields and the forest, screaming and whistling, in order to send the sheep to the corner of the field, and take them to the farm for the sheep's shave. They can't see each other but can recognize themselves with their specific screams and keep in line.
7. Field recording, Félix Blume, celebrating the New Year with fireworks in Naples, Italy.
8. Field recording, Félix Blume, morning in La Preciosita, Puebla, Mexico.
9. Field recording, Félix Blume, a windmill in the desert in Arizona, USA.
10. Machine word: notes on a dream.
11. Music: Underworld: Bird, from the album Barking (2010).
12. Music: Healing spell from the Japanese version of the Disney film “Twisted.”
13. Field recording, Félix Blume, the young girls of the village of Diafarabé, Mali singing in the evening.
14. Field recording, Félix Blume, a distant animal howling on the Gran Sabana, Venezuela.
15. Field recording, Félix Blume, monkeys singing at dawn,  Gran Sabana, Venezuela.
16. Field recording, Félix Blume, sea lions grunting in the evening, Iquique, Chile.
17. Field recording, Félix Blume, a small bulldog communicating, Mexico City, Mexico.
18. Short film soundtrack: Arzak Rhapsody, Episode 1: Blue Eyes (Italian language), by Mœbius.
19. Music: Eminem, Just Lose It, from the album Encore (2004).
20. Spoken word and singing: Extreme Celebrity Ayahuasca Detox.
21. Sound mixes by Lord Arbor of Félix Blume tracks.
22. Machine word: Poetry Now, Ad Parnassum: A poem on the occasion of the New Year, 1996, Croton-on-Hudson, New York.
23. Music: Ashray, Fiddler’s Green.
24. Music: Livia “Wendy” Horowitz, Die Märchenprinzessin.

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