Nighttime Daydreams Show Seven

1. The story of Ra, part two – part one, the musicians’ trip to Morocco, told by Res Kaufmann
2. Selection from Icht, poetry by Christian Loidl, read by Nathan Horowitz, with music by Res Kaufmann and Strato Zoo

1. A long, subtle story by Res Kaufmann with three musical interludes. The background: Res mentioned "R@" in some emails to me without identifying who or what that is. I asked. A couple of months later, I got four hour-long CDs in the mail. This is number two, and it's the first half of the second Ra story. 

Number one was featured in my last Nighttime Daydreams show. It discussed the difficulties of protecting forests in South America and Europe and told the story of how he found the corpse of a vulture on the highway one day in Switzerland.

Res is someone I met a long time ago on another continent. 

He's one of the Musicians.

2. I didn't know Christian Loidl, though I feel like I should have. He died sometime in the last decade. Apparently he was on mushrooms and made a lunge for the next world. He was Vienna's shamanic poet. A shamanic poet generates inspired, magical language. This is some of it. The book is called Icht, which is a neologism of his: part "Ich" (I), part "Licht" or "Dicht" or some such thing. He was a kind of kabbalist.


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